Gear Inquiries

Interested in ordering a custom set of gear, or getting a gear design made? Drop me a message and we’ll chat! I’ll respond to you via email. 

To begin the process, please write me a detailed description of your design concept. I can work from a pre-made design or create new designs from scratch. If you already have a design sketch or photos, you’ll be able to send it via email once we’re in contact. 

This is a professional correspondence. I will not reply to vague “how much for this?” or “can I get some gear” messages that are sent with no further context.

Please note: I do not create replicas of other wrestlers’ gear or masks. If the original design does not belong to you, I will not accept the order. 

Update: effective Aug 10, 2022
Due to upcoming personal events, I will not be accepting any new orders until at least the end of November 2022.
my workshop will be closed during the months of October and November.


If you’re interested in being added to my waitlist, fill out the contact form below and I’ll get in touch as soon as I’m able.