About Me

I am a pro wrestling gear & mask maker, as well as a professional luchadora with over 10 years of in-ring experience. I have been making ring gear professionally since 2017, and studied gear and mask making in Mexico City under master mascarero Miguel Ruiz.

My designs have been worn internationally at promotions including, but not limited to:

  • CMLL (Mexico)
  • AEW (USA)
  • IWRG (Mexico)
  • DEFY Wrestling (USA)
  • Lucha Libre Volcánica (USA)
  • Pro Wrestling NOAH (Japan)
  • Pro Wrestling Society (South Korea)
  • … And other assorted independent promotions across the US and Mexico

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @AwkwardBugStudios, and on Twitter @AwkBugStudios.

Not ready to buy gear, but want to support an independent artist? You can drop me a tip on CashApp ($AwkBug) or Venmo (@AwkBug).