Communication Policy

Like most part-time gear makers, I juggle many other jobs and projects. I do my best to respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion, but please respect the fact that there may be a delay in response time of up to 48 hours across all channels of communication. This includes if a message has already been marked as “seen.” I do not respond to gear inquiries sent via social media DMs (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook).

Keep in mind: these are professional correspondences. Treat gear inquiries like you would any work email or business solicitation. 

When messaging about potential orders, please include as complete of an inquiry as possible.  Reference sketches or a full written description of your concept are preferred. I’m happy to help you take an idea and make it into a fully-fledged design. However, I will not respond to messages like “how much for this?” or “can I get some gear?” that are sent with no other context.